Since the last school shooting

Remember Me

Since 1970, 363 people have been shot and killed in school settings. What is even more crazy, this number doesn't seem alarming to some people. In today's world we need to register this as an issue that needs to be resolved. Compared to other countries the US has WAY more school shootings. Why is that ? There is a simple answer for that, gun laws. Places like the United Kingdom and Canada have stricter gun laws. They don't allow people to walk around with semi-automatics and let them go just because they claim their second amendment.

7 ways to Pevent School Shootings
1. Do not wait for an FBI response alone. Find ways to better listen to students and teachers who are aware of threats

2. Pay attention to obsessions with firearms

3. Implement a national public health strategy focused on reducing weapons on school grounds

4. Articulate what to do when someone tells the world, their friends, family members or co-workers they want to kill others

5. Disentangle discussions about mental health from cases of individuals who threaten harm, have a method and access to weapons

6. Expulsion from school should be the beginning -- not the end -- of the response when there are threats of weapons

7. Separate arguments about the Second Amendment from efforts to limit weapons that kill many people in a few minutes on school grounds.

I hope that after this website you realize how important change is!

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