Since the last school shooting

Columbine School shooting

The Columbine school shooting took place on April 20,1999 . The people behind the gun were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Dylan and Eric were prone to aggressive behavior. In fact on January of 1998 they were found stealing items from a van and as a result were sent to a Juvenile detention center. Another example of this behavior was when two students in March of 1998 filed a police report stating that Eric had threatened not only one student but was ranting on the internet that he was going to kill them and shoot up the school. This was a planned event . It was even shown that they made videos apologizing to their parents. They arrived at school at different times and met up with each other.They met with another kid right in front of the entrance and had a brief conversation with him. They told him to leave the school ground because they loved him. Once arriving to the school the two teens placed a black duffel bag in the cafeteria containing a 20 pound propane bomb. The bomb was set to go off at 11:17 exactly as that was said to have the most people in the cafeteria. Fortunately the bomb never went off. If it had the death count would have surely been way higher. After that they arrived in the hallways with semi-automatic rifles, pistols and several more explosives. They killed 12 people and injured 21 more all in the span of 20 minutes.

After the police had been called shortly after the terror had started. However tension rose when the police showed but never went into the school. The police department never entering the school led to the deaths of 15 more children who bled to death. As a result the police department was under heavy scrutiny.

As bad as the incident was, there was some good that came out of it. This school shooting was the one that sparked the debate on safer schools and stricter gun laws. This prompted many schools in the area and around the country to invest into protective measures like metal detectors and school security.

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Lauren Dawn Townsend

Lauren was a straight 'A' student who wanted to major in biology. She was last seen under a table covering her friends when the shooter went over and discovered the girls. She was shot multiple times protecting her friends, killing her instantly. Her friends and family signed her casket similar to signing a yearbook.

Corey Tyler DePooter

Corey was the type of student who not only worked hard in school but outside of school as well. He loved fishing especially with his friends. He was saving up money to buy his own fishing boat but never got the chance to. He too was hiding under a table when he was targeted and instantaneously.

Protest Against Gun Violence

19 years after the tragic Columbine shooting, students felt the victims never received justice. The Columbine shooting was marked as the start of terror that floods all over the country. Students in the region walked out of schools to honor those who died as a result of gun violence.